Make New Friends and Keep the Old

It’s been a week since I moved to Iwaki.

It’s difficult to describe this past week. Do I share about the road trip through Fukushima with the Swiss film team? Or should I tell about the Korean team who flew to Iwaki for the day, just to pray over Usuiso then turn around and go home. There’s the Japanese girl from New Zealand who’s experiencing the grief of her own people for the first time. She decided to quite that path she was on to go to bible college. Her heart is to impart truth through the scripture to her own nation. I could go on about the concert in the temporary housing and my deep concern for efforts to continue. Consistent and persistent love changes lives.

Then there’s the Global Mission Center. The beautiful core team of staff and missionaries are together most hours of most days, eating, singing, playing, praying and cleaning together. Under all of the activity is a beautiful array of dreams, of personal vision and talent, of loss and sacrifice…each has a story of how they came here and even more powerful, why they stayed.

Forgive me. I don’t know how to write about this past week. Maybe the 3-5 earthquakes  a day have rattled my brain. Oddly enough, things feel quite normal.  Coffee in the morning. Prayer to follow. Emails and networking. Exploring and worshiping. Planning and playing.  Hamburger for dinner. Pudding  for dessert. IHOP webstream on in the evening, then a sweet time in 1 John 2 with my  roommate.

As I walked home from a rainy stroll along the river earlier today I listened to Pete Grieg share from our Euro Gathering last year.  “Maybe God’s calling you to relocate to a place you don’t expect.” I laughed out loud. Iwaki, Japan. I never expected this.

It’s a beautiful message he shared. I recommend it. After Pete shares from Acts 15 about the power of prayer and mission, he goes on to tell about 24-7’s story with Japan. It’s good to have that story ringing in my ears as I walk through puddles on the side streets of a coastal city in Fukushima. It’s good to know that I’m part of the vine, connected to a larger network of brothers and sisters. It’s good to remember that I’m here with a new family representing an old family, making new friends and keeping the old.

It’s good.

Click and download. You may have to create a login. It’s worth it.


2 responses to “Make New Friends and Keep the Old

  1. Aloha Katie! can you give me another contact e-mail or facebook? Miss you and again thank you for being our Angel Godsend for guidance to Sendai ~ praying your leadership for the team will spark life and the power of our Daddy in their lives and others lives.

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