Spring Fever

I bounced out of my house this morning, delighted by the fresh spring breeze and radiant sunlight. It just seemed like nature was making a statement. “We made it!” Although it’s still 55 and quite chilly, people seemed to be a bit more chipper today, a bit more radiant themselves.

Unfortunately there’s a curse that falls upon me every year, the dreaded allergy season. So while my heart is rejoicing that new life is coming, my body feels defeated and ready to shut down for another long winter.

It’s like with all of us, I think, when the Lord is birthing a new thing, it usually means something else has die. Right now it’s my face. My body has to adjust and take in this new pollen.While my mind and my emotions celebrate life and warmth my soul says, “it was better before!”

I wonder what ways I’ve said this to the Lord, what circumstances have caused me to despise a good thing because it makes me temporarily uncomfortable. Further more I wonder what ways the Church has overreacted with discomfort and missed out on a “Spring season” that the Holy Spirit wanted to bring our way.

ImageA Prayer for ourselves, for the church and for Japan as we look expectantly for God to do new things

“Father we welcome Spring. We thank you that the winter has passed, that flowers appear on the earth and that the time for singing has come (S.of S. 2:12). Lord, sometime were’ tempted to stay in our own personal winters, to cling to the old because our allergies towards the new thing make us uncomfortable. We put our faith in your new season, though, God. We believe that you’ve got great plans for us and for this nation. Would you fill us with hope and desire, pour your love and joy into us that no discomfort would stop us from following your Spirit into new and exciting seasons. We say ‘yes and amen’ to all you have for us this Spring and command our hearts, minds, and bodies to line up with the goodness of God.”


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