Explode with Praise, Japan: Part 2

Mobile Cafe: Kneeling under the knee high tables men and women gather with foreigners and Japanese alike to share coffee and tea. For nearly a year relief workers have been visiting residents of temporary housing units, setting up coffee pots, tables and treats to encourage residents to come out of their isolation to share time and space with other humans. A mobile cafe.

The scene: An elderly man talks with a smile. As he nibbles on his cookie his smile grows. Ten minutes later he’s eating the same cookie. His smile is forced, like a dam trying to hold back a wall of tears on the inside. Until the dam breaks and words come flowing out. He lives alone now. He’d been married for over 50 years, but his dearest friend and partner was lost in the tsunami.    Through a cracked voice, “I don’t know how to cook for one. I keep cooking for two and ending up with leftovers. I forget she’s not with me.”

Picture this: opening the mini fridge to a wall of tupperware. She’s gone, you have to remind yourself. One egg, not two. The lonliness is exhausting. In childlike desperation you leave your unit and wander over to a cafe that foreigners have put together. No more energy to hide, no attempt at self-preservation, “I don’t think I’ll live to see the summer”, you say to the relief workers, “I don’t want to”.  A monster has taken up residence in your head, suicide, a destructive demon who parades himself as your own thoughts. As you tell your story to the volunteers they put their hands on your shoulder and pray to an unknown God for healing and deliverance. In your own words you agree,

Explode my soul, let these walls come down
All these prison thoughts crumble with the sound
Of my deliverance from my enemies
I stand up beside you, let’s watch these giants flee

There are many in Japan who are trapped behind the walls of their own fear, behind old concepts of shame and self-hatred, behind a tormenting desire to die. As believers we have authority to uproot and tear down. Let’s pray for Japan that walls would be torn down and hearts would be made accessible to Jesus, to joy and to healing.

Explode, Japan, with a revelation of safety and acceptance. Come, share your story, your loss and your grief, let your walls come down. So many prison thoughts, condemnation and fear. Crumble under the love of Christ and be delivered from your enemies. We’re with you Japan, standing alongside you, the world, the Church, the Trinity and all his heaven hosts…we came rushing in to watch your giants flee. Abundant life will scatter your enemies, will cause suicide to flee. Lonliness be torn down and intimacy be established. Explode with praise, Japan, and let your walls come down. 

To hear the song follow the link

Explode My Soul

Stay tuned for the rest of the “Explode with Praise” series this week. 


One response to “Explode with Praise, Japan: Part 2

  1. AMEN! L-RD, in the name of Jesus, we say that your love will tear down a thousand walls of shame, guilt, fear, regret, panic and suicide. We say that you and you alone are G-D of the universe. We say that grief is alright and those that mourn are truly blessed and beloved of G-D. That those whom you comfort and who wait upon you will never be put to shame! In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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