Stations for 24-7 Prayer Rooms

Take off your shoes...Introduction to the Prayer RoomGod wants to meet you now!The "Sands of Time""The leaves of the trees...""Jesus, heal me!"
Bringing ourselves into the lightShare your testimony...Art: painting & drawing!Breaking free from attachmentsIt is for freedom that we were set freeWelcoming people to the Prayer Room
Creative Prayer stationYoung people love to use artGiving time and space for creativityFrom floor to ceiling!Displaying the artDraw a picture to God
A prayer journalCome and sit at the tablePost-it note prayersWhat is the song He sings?God's words over a nationWriting out His song over your nation

Stations for 24-7 Prayer Rooms, a set on Flickr.

Here are examples of 24-7 prayer rooms and many creative kinds of prayer stations. These prayer stations are designed so that one person or a group of people will be guided in prayer in a focused way. Prayer stations facilitate multiple, creative expressions of prayer, and they are especially helpful in engaging young people in communication with God!

Feel free to take these ideas, use them for yourself, or adapt them for your own context. We will update this album as more photos become available!


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